John The Farrier

*Registered Farrier and Diploma WCF,  (DWCF)  this means i have done a 5 year  Farriery  Apprenticeship and passed all the exams, which include;

Entrance exam (passed with 99%)

Intense exams on the horses legs every 6 months,
including Tendons, Ligaments, Arteries, Veins, Bones, Blood supplies.

Theory of trimming
Practical Trimming All types of Horses and Ponies

All Types of Shoemaking exam, every 6 months

Theory Of Shoeing exam, every 6 months
Shoeing with modern products; Thermal Plastic, Vetec, Glue Shoes 
Practical Shoeing All types of Horses and Ponies

Veterinary Exams, every 6 months

During the five year apprenticeship, i also obtained a NVQ / Farriery by passing the  Advanced Modern Apprenticeship,
this is a new exam and only Farriers that have passed their exams since 2003, will have this extra qualification.

Final DWCF exams after 5 years,
Shoemaking and Fitting, Oral Veterinary, Written Veterinary.


I once owned 13 Horses, and but had to reduce this to 4, to pay for my Farriery Aprenticeship.
Over the last 25 years i have broken in and  reschooled horses for jumping/dressage and cross country.
Up until recently i have been competing in jumping, 1 day events and x country, and teaching basic dressage, advanced cross country and showjumping.
I also used to be an active commoner, with ponies out on the New forest, (brand 3B )

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